The technical competencies, together with the facilities available, allow to the Company to offer to its customers a Test Service of their application portfolio.

Test Projects are managed by team of specialists Test Manager and Test Engineers managed by a Supervisor who has the goal, among other, to dimension each of the single group of specialists with resoect the number of tests to be performed and their complexity;
Each test project is misured with ad hoc instruments and a production of data and daily reports that allow the customer to apply a verification in continuum on the projects status with particular respect on the SLA (Service Level Agreement) guaranteed by MAC SOLUTIONS SA.

The basic components of the service include:

  • System test (basic component of the software cycle of life )
    - Management in the sphere of the test cycle
  • Organizational contest
    - The Customer does externally the activities of development and testing
  • Mission
    - Management of the System Test phases
    - The starting and ending phases are respectively up to developer and the final user
  • Technology
    - Use of Mercury products (test director, win runner, load runner) as support of the planning, documentation and execution activities of the test cases

With a variety of performed tests:

  1. Coding Unit & Module Testing
  2. Integration & System Test
  3. System Test
    - Environment set up & validation
    - Test execution
    - Performance & stress test
    - Non regression
    - Functional audit
  4. Acceptance Test

Our specialists work also in the high development phases:
- requirement analysis
- high level design
- detailed design

They takes part in the working groups to define and agree upon:

- Testing strategies from one side and the other
- Capture of the functional knowledge of the applications that are object of the test