The technical competencies, together with the facilities available, allow Mac Solutions to offer to its customers a Testing Service of their application portfolio.

Test Projects are managed by a team of specialists formed by Test Managers and Test Engineers,  directed by a Supervisor who is in charge, a.o., to dimension each single group of specialists considering the number of tests to be performed and their complexity.

Each test project is measured with ad hoc instruments; a production of data and reports with daily and periodic schedule allow the customer to have a verification in continuum on the projects status,  with a special attention on the SLA (Service Level Agreement) respect, as guaranteed by MAC SOLUTIONS SA.

The basic components of the service profile are:

  • System test (basic component of the software lifecycle)
    - Managed in the test cycles
  • Organizational context
    - The Customer outsources the development and testing activities
  • Mission
    - Management of the System Test phases
    - The preceding and the phases following the testing activity are respectively in charge of the developers and of the final users
  • Technology
    - Use of Mercury products (test director, win runner, load runner) for supporting the planning, documentation and execution activities of the test cases

Mac Solutions' specialist carry out a rich variety of tests:

  1. Coding Unit & Module Testing
  2. Integration & System Test
  3. System Test
    - Environment set up & validation
    - Test execution
    - Performance & stress test
    - Non regression
    - Functional audit
  4. Acceptance Test

Our specialists contribute also to the high level development phases of a project:
         - requirement analysis
         - high level design
         - detailed design

They participate to the working groups in order to define and agree upon:

- Testing strategies
- Acquisition of the functional knowledge of the applications that are object of the test