These two areas are distinct by history and approach.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a historical branch of computer science that finds its origins already in the theories of John McCarthy, who introduced this term in 1955. Although the term of AI also finds critics, such as the philosopher John Searle, who says that the computer cannot be given specific human brain abilities such as e.g. the awareness of making arbitrary choices of things, the term AI remains to indicate that "type of application" that makes the computer seem like a thinking being.

The computer is not and never will be a thinking being. Thanks, however, to today's technology,  characterized by great computational capacity, availability of vast data containers, the sophistication of algorithms for natural language recognition and speech recognition, after decades of improvements today we are able to benefit from environments (frameworks) specialized in AI that make our computers seem like a thinking object.

Mac Solutions has selected the young Italian company that represents an innovative approach among the various vendors and holders of technologies in the AI ​​environment, because it shifts the focus from the massive training of the computer to a conceptual one. In fact the technological choices of have characteristics that enable a company that is not large, but made up of great intelligences, to compete even with more important companies with great resources. Examples of what our AI system can do:

  1. realization of ChatBot (robotic chat) for the interaction between the client and the portal of a company, or between the collaborator and his company to know information on specific organizational processes or operational data
  2. support to the Customer Care of a company by searching for already solved similar problems when a new ticket is opened
  3. apply to the voice-recognition the power of an instrument that interprets, understands and reports on what the user says to the physical or virtual operator with whom the user interacts for receiving information or solving a problem

The BlockChain (BLKC), unlike the AI, ​​is instead a recent technology and a new identifier in the IT landscape. It has spread along with the use of virtual currencies, or crypto currencies. We have seen that the technology that supports the currency, i.e. the BLKC, is very interesting due to some features such as: security on the changes that the data undergoes and the dissemination of information that is not held by a single entity. These features make it possible to develop applications even outside the currency sphere that favor the guarantee of information.

Now the combination of the two technologies, the AI ​​and the BLKC, allows us to propose very advanced solutions in different areas, such as:

  • Alternative resolutions to disputes, for example the case between the insured and the insurer
  • "Clear Box Data Access Security" - a BLKC practice applied to the management of Clear Boxes, containers of information that must not be altered, except by authorized parties, for the use of leased goods.


Given the innovative nature of the solutions, Mac Solutions is willing to carry out POCs (Proof Of Concept) agreed with the customers.