MAC Solutions offers an integrated product and service on how to improve efficiency in energy management in the company, whatever the activity and consistency of the company, harmonizing processes and organizational decision-making with the attitude of staff and energy infrastructure.

The product is developed on the International Standard ISO 50001 by the Irish company Enerit, including Mac Solutions is the official distributor for Switzerland.

The Service provides the requirements necessary to implement efficiently the EnMP (Energy Management Program) to reduce consumption and energy costs by optimizing resources and a dedicated framework applicable to:

  • Medium to large organizations
  • Individual buildings (malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, etc.) and parks construction
  • Buildings and industrial plants

The service is for the Companies:

  1. with energy costs exceeding CHF 500,000 per year and savings targets above 10% per year with low or zero cost interventions
  2. that have implemented the ISO 50001 (or EN 16001) in its organizational structure, or intend to do in the short term

The benefits obtained are:

  • rapid reduction of energy costs without capital investment
  • continuous monitoring of the process of energy management and trends in costs
  • savings significantly outweigh the costs of the service offered
  • compliance with international standards and quality certification on a voluntary basis
  • continuous reduction of energy consumption and consequent reduction of emissions into the atmosphere

The product helps to improve themselves by defining every detail on how to:

  • organize to begin
  • control the process of ongoing management
  • optimize the management resources
  • implement the decision-making
  • check out the responsibilities assigned
  • plan activities and resources for the future management