Q & A

Q. In order to use the EnMS software, has the company to be certified ?

A. NO, it is not necessary. The software solution is actually the same EnMS system that allows the company to manage its energy consumption and its evolution. In fact the use of the system EnMS already covers 80% of the certification, which can be obtained at the discretion of the customer at any time in the future.·

Q. Is it an installation of the EnMS software required on my servers ?

A. No need for installation and application maintenance, because the software runs on servers of the producing company. For the customer it's enough to subscribe an annual fee for an instance dedicated to the best software EnMS.

Q. That the company must have a minimum size to start thinking of saving energy ?

A. When the energy costs by over half a million CHF, then you should start setting goals for cost optimization.

Q. How much is the fee for using the application EnMS ?

A. The cost for the annual rent is very interesting, available upon request.

Q. If my company is a multinational one have I to pay to use the software for each site or nation ?

A. NO. The data plan to use the software is EnMS farm, the number of users and roles that can interact with the application.

Q. When I decide to not renew the contract for the use of software EnMS will I lose all my data ?

A. NO, because you can download all your data base defined at the time of posting and make the desired use.

Q. For energy savings, has the company to invest in new technologies ?

A. It is NOT necessary. The software integrates EnMS in one process management technology, human behavior and business organization. The energy improvements are made accessible with good use of realized interventions, improved efficiency, change in attitude and savings in primary resources (such as suppliers of energy), reducing energy consumption by end use (air conditioning, lighting, equipment and machinery , etc.). The software EnMS, interpreting the spirit of ISO 50001, allows to operate without imposing targets for innovative technologies. Of course the introduction of new energy-efficient technology allows to increase the savings.

Q. Does EnMS software requires that the company has any technology of BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) ?

A. NO, the application is released from any equipments management of the users who may or may not exist in the company.

Q. Is a preliminary Energy Audit necessary for using the EnMS ?

A. YES, an assessment of resources (lights, HVAC, motors, EDP, etc..) and their mode of use is necessary as the first intervention to be the first energy company database. The selection of Mac Solutions does not stop with marketing software EnMS but also proposes a role of energy consultant to the customer who wants to continuously improve the process through the phases of monitoring and analysis of the energy efficiency in place.

Q. Before signing a contract can I see a live system EnMS ?

A. One of our employees will be glad to take care of a trial instance operations.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly to Mac Solutions.