Mac Solutions offers a variety of services regarding the management of paper documents, from simple processing elements in PDF to the execution of operational flows.

  • Storage of the paper documents
  • Transformation and management of paper documents electronic format (PDF or Text)
  • Management of the interactions with the customer care of the client if activated by the document received.

  • Automated Data Capture:
        solution for the optical acquirement of the documents·(documents scanning, digital conversion into image format, optical characters recognition by OCR and ICR engines)  
  • Document Imaging & Multimedia:
        optical filing system made of storage on magnetic-optical medias, habilitation to the images related to administrative processes (ERP), Call Center (CRM), personnel management and cultural assets historical archives
  • EnterpriseContent Management:
        dynamic management of the electronic documents cycle of life, knowledge management, cooperative documental Intranet portals
  • Web Workflow Management:
        re-engineering/automatization of the processes by workflow engines and documental flows accessible via Internet browser and electronic forms.